My Writing


On this page you will find extracts of my writing, both published and in progess, and a poem or two. Also look out for my work in the posts on my Home page, or search for them in the archives under headings such as My Writing; Writing Tools.

My writing often stems from inspirations, thoughts and experiences from the world around me, and sometimes from places that are harder to explain. You will also find short extracts of my work in the quotes boxes on my site, as well as some lovely things people have said about my writing.

I also have short stories/novel extracts in several publications, including the ones below.




The Voyage: Journeys in Creative Writing


Awaiting The Toofaan is in Chandani Lokuje and David Morley (Eds.) The Voyage: Journeys in Creative Writing (Whatlington: Silkworms Ink, 2011) available and also on










The Draft: Stories from the Writing MA in Writing


My short story For My Own Good is in The Draft: Stories from the Warwick MA in Writing, available:










Read my short story The Challenge on on the Black Readers’ and Writers’ Group, or go direct to it on