It has been difficult to write and I’m sure a lot of people have had to change many things in their lives during this strange time of Corona Virus, Covid-19, lockdown and other such words that have become so familiar so early on into this new decade. These past few months have been so different to what I anticipated 2020 would bring. Just before lockdown (what a horrible word), an offer of writing classes was made by Alyson Hallett on Facebook and I am so pleased I joined those classes. They have helped me immensely through lockdown and I am happy to report that they will start again after a short break for the summer.

For me, this was a jump into the deep end and into unchartered territories. The group members already feel like friends I have known for a long time. The Zoom sessions have challenged us, made us laugh, we have been upset when we have shared something personal in our writing that has emerged from deep within us, we have shared our emotions, shared our joys, learned from each other and given and received the gifts of words. I don’t know how I would have coped without this group. We’ve read work from a diverse range of writers from all over the world, I don’t think I’ve experienced a writing course as diverse before and I’ve loved it!

A poet once told me not to write poetry, she said I didn’t have the eye or insight for it. Her words crippled me for years. But Alyson’s gentle encouragement has been brilliant, as has the support of my fellow group members. So I now have a feast of writing in my portfolio, from poetry, prose, affirmations and observations, and even homework to work on during our break.

A whole load of redrafting awaits, but I have notebook full of writing and what better than being able to work on words already written instead of looking at a blank page or blank screen? Roll on Season 4, I can’t wait!