A cup of tea, anyone?

If you’re stuck for something to write, or something to write about, why not try this prompt?

Take a small notebook and go and sit in a cafe. Write about anything which attracts your attention. For example, why not try people watching? What do the other people in the cafe look like? What are they wearing? What do they order? How do they eat/drink? What can you smell  the aroma of the coffee you’re drinking? Does your tea look like dishwater? Is anyone watching you – if so, are they staring at you or watching you when they think you can’t see them? Don’t leave until you’ve filled at least one page of your notebook.

A fellow writer called Joseph W. Richardson gave me this tip. I’ve written several pages each time I’ve gone out for a cup of tea. If it doesn’t work for you, then at least you managed to get out of the house and enjoyed a drink!