Last week, I attended a public lecture ‘Black Country to Red Earth’ given by Candi Miller in the International Centre, University of Wolverhampton on Thursday 19th April 2012.

Stories galore for telling and reading.

Stories galore for telling and reading.

It was a great evening of sharing information about The San Peoples of the Kalahari Desert, who are considered to be the oldest race in the world. Some of their storytellers were filmed telling stories, including Beesa Boo who told the story of The Spider Man. Some of these stories were told English, others in their native languages, very poetic and full of clicks and the laughter of the storytellers and their audiences. Some clips showed children sitting mesmerised, listening to elderly storytellers. One thing was certain: even if you couldn’t understand the language(s) being spoken, the body language was universal: gestures, laughter, cheeky smiles and delighted eyes told many stories to those who were open to listening to them.

Candi Miller also spoke about a research project – From Kalahari Campfire to Cybertale – which she is involved in.

After the lecture, members of the audience were invited to share stories from their own lives or backgrounds. A Dutch student told stories of Christmases and St. Nicklaus Days and Santa Claus in Holland, and how different Christmas was in England. A Bulgarian student told of the month of March being spent trying to appease a mischevious grandmother figure whose mood affected the weather, and of red and white bracelets woven to bring the wearers luck.

I read a story from the Mahabharata. Take a look at me reading ‘Savitri and Satyavan’: