About Me


I started writing as a hobby which was ‘found’ for me by my husband and a couple of friends, while discussing our New Year resolutions on 1st January 2006. I was to join a writers’ group and report back to them which group it was. In March 2006 I started attending a writers’ group and by December the same year, I had done my first reading, which was a terrifying experience!

Soon, writing was not enough. I needed feedback, new challenges, new genres, and new ways of looking at books. I attended a WEA Creative Writing Course, which I loved so much, I became a full-time student on a Creative & Professional Writing and English course. It didn’t slake my desire for more, so I enrolled on an MA in Writing course and am now loving the challenges that brings.

Writing has led to meeting lots of wonderful, exciting writers from all over the world. It has given me a new platform and a new way of thinking. Whereas I had been a wallflower before, I decided that the only way to get the best out of writing, workshops and literary festivals was to go out there and not be afraid, whether it was to try something new, or to approach people I’d never met before. I felt the fear, but didn’t let it hold me back. Life is full of challenges. What we do with them can enrich our lives, or halt our progress. I still try to live by that philosophy.

Along the way, I have been fortunate in sharing the stage with people like Roy McFarlane, former Poet Laureate of Birmingham and Maura Dooley. I have also been extremely lucky to have had masterclasses on writing and performance from, or shared the stage with people like Fred Dâ’Aguiar, Maureen Freely, Candi Miller, Paul McDonald, Jackie Pieterick, Leila Rasheed, David Calcutt, David Morley, Kate Mosse, Carol Leeming, Kate Long, Giles Abbott and a vast array of others.

I am very excited about what the future will bring!

You can contact me at raj@rajklal.com